The Big Bad Wolf Cooked Bea’s Goose

Bea in her hat

Bea in her hat

This post ended up on my other blog, which confused a lot of people and didn’t get to Bea’s followers.  So here’s the gist of it —

Today the Bank of America told Bea’s social worker who told Dolly the Caregiver that 99-year old Bea has to be out by the end of this week.  Yep.  Then they start eviction proceedings.

Since Bea has no place to go in spite of jillions of hours spent searching for one, I don’t know where she will go, or what will happen with her dogs or her treasures.

In the original post, I pleaded for people to contact the news outlets — TV, radio, newspapers.  It seems that the Bank has lost its fear of what the media can do to it, so we have to up the pressure.    The only light at the end of this tunnel is that from an onrushing train.

It has been explained ad infinitum to the Bank that Bea’s is a unique situation.  She is 99 years old.  She lives in a desert that God forgot about long ago.  She owns her trailer but can’t move it legally.  Why can’t the bank forget, at least for a few more years?

The realtor wants to get the property on the market.  Why?  No-one is going to buy it.  It’s trash.  Or do he and the Bank know something the rest of us don’t.  Buried treasure?


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